Best Mandoline Slicer Consumer Reports 2022 Updated

Best mandoline slicer consumer reports
Best mandoline slicer consumer reports in 2022

Are you looking for a way to make your slicing and dicing tasks easier? Look no further than the best mandoline slicer. A quality mandoline slicer can make slicing fruits, vegetables, and other foods a breeze. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Check out our best mandoline slicer consumer reports to help make your decision easier. In this report, we compare some of the most popular models on the market and provide insights into what makes each one unique. So whether you’re in the market for a basic model or something more advanced, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

Top 10 Best Mandoline Slicer to Buy in 2022:

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Mandoline Slicer

The mandoline slicer was designed in France for very specific use. It quickly became the most common cooking item used in fine restaurants. The original purpose of the tool was to provide precise uniform cuts for presentation and safety reasons. This allowed both the professional chef and at home cook to produce beautiful dishes time after time without any surprises. In other words, consistency was paramount!

Today however, the mandoline slicer has been transformed from a functional piece of equipment into an extremely versatile kitchen appliance that can help you do everything from slice fruits with ease to making homemade potato chips that even your grandmother would envy!

What Are The Differences Between Each Mandoline Slicer?

When looking for a new tool it is imperative that you read through each product description and determine what your intended use will be. Since every model varies, make sure you find one whose features fit your unique situation. Having said this, many companies attempt to market their particular products as if they are superior to other brands even though they may only differ in price, color or warranty length. In general, there are four different types of designs for today’s popular models:

– Hand-Held

This style has a smaller safety guard which makes it very easy to slice small ingredients. It also comes with a little handle which is used to hold the produce in place while slicing. This style is best for cutting salad vegetables, garnishing dishes and can even be used as a carving guide for meats.

– V-Blade

This slicer has a unique vertical design that allows users to cut larger chunks of fruits or vegetables much more safely than other styles. The wide base provides stability and lessens operator fatigue. Most models will come with 3 different sets of blades (large holes, small holes, waffle blades). If you are considering this type then make sure the product description states that these removable stainless steel pieces are dishwasher safe!

– Tabletop

As implied by its name, this model is portable and can be used on any flat surface. Even though these products are too large for cutting fruits, they do use the same interchangeable blades as the V-Blade models.

– Adjustable Slicer

This style of product has an adjustable chrome plate that allows users to slice vegetables up to 9 different thicknesses (1/16″ to 1″). The better quality models will come with 3 sets of inserts which alternate between fine and coarse blades.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Mandoline Slicer?

There are many benefits associated with owning a best mandoline slicer consumer reports; however you should never underestimate its capabilities! For example:

– Smooth Cuts & Safe Handling

Unlike traditional cutlery, this product has a firm grip which ensures that your fingers will not end up in the dish. Even when operated at high speeds, most slicers will also minimize slipping risk by creating an effective anti-slip surface with their flat base.

– Less Fat, Calories & Carbohydrates

By using one of these appliances you can cut out unnecessary fat and calories while still enjoying the exact same foods; minus all the guilt! This is especially true if you are trying to follow a low carbohydrate diet plan . Since many of today’s recipes call for excess oils or butter it may be very difficult to get the same texture without using these unhealthy ingredients. Fortunately with one of these products, you can eliminate nearly all fats from your daily intake while still enjoying your favorite dishes.

– Easy Cleaning & Storage

Most slicers will be constructed from a high quality stainless steel that is safe to clean in a dishwasher or by hand washing with hot soapy water. In addition, most models also come with some type of storage option which can make it very easy for you to clear up counter space when the appliance is not in use.

What Are The Different Features This Product Should Have?

– A Hand Guard

If an item doesn’t have this added safety feature then we recommend staying away from it! Especially when using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports for the first time, it’s vital that the product provides protection against any accidents while operating on high speeds. Even if you currently feel confident about your slicing abilities, it’s always good to be safe rather than sorry.

– A Speed Control

Look for an item that comes with a throttle control so you can adjust the speed of the blade based on what kind of food is being cut. For example, you’ll want to use higher speeds when cutting things like vegetables and lower speeds when trying to slice meats. This feature will allow you to avoid any unwanted accidents while also maximizing efficiency!

– Replaceable Blades

If at all possible, we highly recommend choosing a slicer model that allows users to replace their existing blades if they ever become dull or misaligned. Since no one wants to spend more money decorating dishes then actually cooking them this option would definitely be a nice bonus!

– A Storage Base

This is a valuable feature which will allow you to store the slicer directly inside its base when it’s not being used. Since this appliance takes up a large amount of counter space , a model that can be stored in a cupboard or drawer will certainly come in handy!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know Before Buying?

As with all other products, there are certain risks associated with using this type of product. While accidents can happen even with the safest equipment, here are some precautions you need to take:

– Never Run The Mandoline Slicer While Empty

If your item comes with an attachment then make sure it’s properly attached before trying to use it; otherwise you may risk breaking the appliance.

– Avoid Cutting Through Bone & Joints

You should always use the hand guard to stabilize whatever you are cutting before trying to slice it. If the blade happens to break during operation then pieces could fly off which could result in serious injury.

– Examine The Blades Before Each Use

Like other blades, best mandoline slicer consumer reports parts will become dull over time and need replacement if they are no longer sharp enough for safe operation. After using your product, make sure that all of its blades are clear of any food particles which may have built up on them over time. This way you can maximize safety while also maximizing efficiency!

Tips To Use A Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers can be a helpful tool in your kitchen. They are used to slice veggies into thin pieces that cook evenly and very quickly. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to use them to make lots of tasty dishes!

– Make sure you have a firm grip on the food. You don’t want it slipping off while you’re slicing!

– Place the food flat against the cutting board so that your fingers aren’t underneath where they might get cut by accident.

– Keep your fingers curled under so they won’t poke out through any openings in the blade –  don’t try straining with this thing or you could lose a finger!

– Push slowly down on the handle as you work your way across the slicer.

– Ease into it! Don’t go too fast or you might wind up with a jagged piece.

– If you want to make matchstick pieces, use a ruler and cut off strips before turning them 90 degrees and slicing again to make sticks.

– Make larger slices by pushing down on the food with your free hand while you slice with the other one after adjusting the thickness of the blade from 1mm-3 mm.

– Be sure not to try these on anything harder than a soft vegetable like cucumbers, potatoes, cheese, apples or bananas –  stronger veggies will break that little slicer in half!

– Cut vegetables into uniform sizes for even cooking times and presentation.

– Don’t forget to remove the ridged slicing insert and wash it well between uses!

What Can You Do With A Mandoline Slicer?

The obvious answer (which is what the majority of people think when they buy one) is that you can make pretty food. The truth about these slicers, however, is that there’s more to it than just making aesthetically pleasing-looking dishes for your friends and family. In fact, many commercial kitchens have had this kitchen tool in their rosters for years because it helps them turn out tasty food faster while retaining greater texture and flavor! Some chefs even say that if a restaurant wants guests to come back, then having a best mandoline slicer consumer reports is a must-have in their kitchen.

Here are some of the many things you can do with a Mandoline slicer:

– Julienne Potatoes

One of the most common tasks that chefs do with their mandoline slicer is to julienne potatoes. This means cutting them into long thin sticks that resemble matchsticks, about 2-3 inches in length and ¼ inch thick (or 1/8 for super fine juliennes). After which you can deep fry them like French fries or use them as toppings for your favorite potato dishes like mashed potatoes, baked potatoe casserole, etc.

– Slice Vegetables

Slicing vegetables properly is also another easy task that the average home cook will find handy with this kitchen tool. You simply adjust it to cut slices about an eighth of an inch thick then toss them in a salad or boil them and serve as vegetables side dish. They’re also great for making vegetable tempura, a favorite appetizer at Japanese restaurants.

– Make Fruit Wafer Cookies

If you’ve ever been to a Spanish tapas restaurant, you probably have seen this classic dessert called Ensaimada on the menu – it’s basically a spiral shaped piece of dough topped with powdered sugar and encased by shredded pastry flakes that resemble snowflakes! You can make these yummy desserts at home too if you have a best mandoline slicer consumer reports because it helps you cut paper-thin shavings from fruits like apples, pears and even pineapples which will crown the wafers perfectly baked!

– Create Unique Garnishes

Who says you need to look for fancy ingredients to make a dish look appealing? With your Mandoline slicer, you can julienne leeks (a classic French garnish) and other root vegetables like carrots and turnips which will instantly give any side dish an instant upgrade. And because the julienned sticks are almost transparent, they’ll look really pretty on top of steaks or even salads – it’s like having flower petals in your dinner table!

– Make “Pasta” Dishes

You heard that right: using this kitchen gadget is a great way to make fake pasta! You can use zucchinis or cucumbers as base then just simply slice off flat noodle shapes that you can sauté and serve with your favorite pasta sauce. If you’re on a diet, this is a great way to eat more vegetables because it’s not just tasty – it also looks like the real thing!

– Make Curly Potatoes

Another common task that chefs use their mandoline slicers for is to create curly potatoes for French fries. You simply adjust the thickness dial so that it makes wide cuts then slice up peeled potatoes lengthwise until the whole thing resembles a ribbon. Then all you have to do is deep fry them and enjoy with ketchup or mayo! And speaking of French fries… 

– Deep Fry Faster

Here’s another important thing commercial cooks do with their Mandoline slicers: they use it to cut potatoes into French fries. This means that their deep fryers can accommodate more potatoes because they’re already cut in the right size! Plus, since all the vegetables are evenly sliced, they’ll also be crispier and tastier compared to hand-cut French fries.

– Make Potato Flowers

Perhaps one of the most creative things you can make with a Mandoline slicer are potato flowers . All you have to do is arrange peeled potatoes in a flower shape then slice them at about ¼ inch thickness starting from the center of the flower petals down towards the ends. If done properly, this will create beautiful slices that may resemble real flowers! You can serve these as appetizers or side dishes and impress your family and friends.

– Create Zucchini Spirals

Perfect for making Vegetable Spaghetti , this kitchen tool can also be used to create curly strands of zucchinis or cucumbers that are perfect as side dishes, salads and even appetizers! Just wash the vegetable thoroughly then set the dial on the mandoline slicer to about 1/8 inch thickness. After which you can julienne it like how you would with carrots or turnips then cook according to your favorite recipes. You may want to try baking them or serving them with cheese sauce – they’re actually pretty good! And since these veggie spirals are thinner than spaghetti noodles, they’ll make really healthy meatless pasta alternatives.

– Make Matchstick Carrots

You can also use the best mandoline slicer consumer reports to make matchstick carrots or turnips! You can also julienne cucumbers and tomatoes for colorful salads. The possibilities are endless: you’ll discover cool new dishes that look like they’re worth a Michelin star in no time!

FAQs About Best Mandoline Slicer Consumer Reports

What Types Of Foods Can I Prepare For My Meals With A Mandoline Slicer?

Besides fruits and vegetables, a mandoline slicer is perfect for preparing homemade French fries and potato chips. It’s also great for salads and garnishes — instead of using a knife, simply place the food on your cutting board and slide it across the slicer. Not only is this tool fast, but it cuts your veggies ultra-thin so they are crispier! Even though you’ll have to cut them lengthwise, cucumbers are still delicious when sliced with a mandoline slicer because you don’t remove any seeds or peel. You can also use it for your homemade pickles, too.

How Do I Safely Use A Mandoline Slicer?

Just as you would with any sharp kitchen utensil, always be sure to wear protective gloves while using a best mandoline slicer consumer reports. You may also want to invest in safety equipment like cut-proof mats or heavy duty gloves that will stand up to repeated use. Some models have ergonomically designed handles that allow you to push down evenly so the blades do not slip away from you. These are especially good for people with limited mobility. If you’re working with bulky vegetables like squash or potatoes, make sure they are no larger than 2 inches thick so they can fit between the food holder and blade.

What Kind Of Slicing Board Should I Use With My Mandoline Slicer?

You should use a solid, sturdy board with your mandoline slicer for optimal safety. Make sure it is big enough to prop up all of the boards attached to the unit so they are stable during use. This will prevent any food from sliding off while you’re slicing. You don’t want to work over a sink because the juices that drain out may cause you problems if you slip and fall.

How Can I Clean My Mandoline Slicer?

Most models have removable parts, but some have dishwasher-safe attachments so you can place them in your dishwasher after using them. While most parts are safe to put in the dishwasher, others that come into contact with food should be washed by hand after each use. Some models come with a specially designed tool for cleaning the blades while others require you to use a toothbrush and detergent. If your unit comes equipped with prongs that hold ingredients in place, make sure to throw them away and purchase some brand new ones because they can become dull over time.

What Age Range Should Use A Mandoline Slicer?

This is not intended for babies or toddlers because the slicer blades are extremely sharp. You don’t want children using this kitchen utensil without adult supervision if they cannot follow instructions about safety measures like wearing protective equipment and always keeping fingers away from blades during operation. Many of these units have very small parts so it’s best for children ages 8 and up.

Since mandoline slicers are sharp, it is strongly recommended that you make sure your hands are always steady before using this utensil to prevent any accidents from occurring. You don’t want to run the risk of cutting yourself while slicing with a best mandoline slicer consumer reports because they will most likely require stitches if an accident occurs. Make sure your grip is secure during use and you only use the amount of pressure needed when pushing down on the food holder; this way, if your hand slips or you lose your grip, it won’t cause any injuries.

Use proper safety measures like wearing protective gloves and using a cut-proof board when cutting with a mandoline slicer and follow these tips provided by Handstands so you can slice to your heart’s content without worry! Let Handstands be your guide to finding the perfect mandoline slicer for your kitchen.

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Conclusion paragraph: The best mandoline slicers can help you quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables for a salad, side dish, or appetizer. We’ve looked at the best mandoline slicer consumer reports and found that all of them are great options depending on your needs. Whether you want a simple handheld model or one with multiple blades and attachments, there is a product out there that will make slicing easier than ever. So what are you waiting for? Pick up one of the best mandoline slicers today and start enjoying perfectly sliced fruits and vegetables in no time!

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